6 Systems… Endless Possibilities

Classic Fusion/Keratin Bond

This single strand system sets the foundation of hair extension artistry. Your clients will receive natural looking length, color and volume lasting 4-6 months. It’s the most professional, most invisible and most comfortable for your clients. This system is also referred to as Strand by Strand or Single Strand method. Ideal for super fine hair and hair around the face. Exclusive
bond leaves zero residue on the hair or tools!

I-Hair / I-Hair Flat Tip

I-Hair is a single strand system that uses links to attach the extension to the client’s natural hair. With proper application and client maintenance, I-Hair will last 4-6 months. Flat-Tip I-Hair is an application system designed to lay flat against the scalp, giving your client more coverage and volume. Each Flat Tip I-Hair is ¼” wide giving you double the hair coverage of standard Strand by Strand systems. I-Hair is virtually undetectable offering even weight distribution attached with I-Links. With both systems, no heat is applied and the hair is completely reusable.

T-Hair Tape Extensions / T-Hair Pro .35

This system is uniquely designed to be applied to your client’s hair in such a way that the hair is sandwiched between two reusable 1.5” wide sections and secured in place with a T-Hair Sealer. T-Hair Pro .35 Tape Extensions are our newest product with New Flexi-TapeTM technology that allows the extension to contour to your client’s head so they are virtually invisible. T-Hair Pro .35 has a smaller tape size with the same amount of hair as the original T-Hair. Proprietary tape leaves no sticky residue on the hair, hands and tools!


This system gives volume and length in about an hour or less. Each strip is 3” wide and secured with I-Links. These are reusable and can be worn for 6-8 weeks, then readjusted for additional wear. Vertical and Crisscross application methods will be taught.


NEW Better Than a Weft™

Better Than a Weft™ is a revolutionary way

to add length, volume, and massive hair in

30 – 90 minutes!  This patented system

gives the benefits of a weft without the

issues of a weft (such as bumpy, heavy,

limited sizes, complex maintenance, mildew,

and long installations). No sewing, no heat,

no tracks, and no stinky hair!

Clip in Systems

(7 piece Butterfly Clips, Bangs, Single Strand)
Ideal for wedding specialists, red carpet, photo shoots, updos, hair loss and more. Reusable, customizable and no heat required.